The prime exploration within my work is in the contradictions of life. In particular, an intertwining of Art and banality, of seriousness and cliché and finally taken to the point of humour

Monday, 21 June 2010

Hannah Kimani Group Art Show: Scribbles and Murmurs

A NEAT collaboration with Roxy something along the lines of tie dying ham slaps. History is being made.

Our first art event takes place at The Rag Factory: HUME studio in London. The space we are using is large enough to accommodate an ambitious variety of work. This event takes place from the 22nd- 25th of June.

This first event is entitled Murmurs. It is the hum of things to come, the buzz of opportunity.Murmurs is the first of what will hopefully be many future events from the creative collective Scribbles and Murmurs. Our interest in this event is to showcase young talent. We differ from other events in the way we are working to get your work seen, sold or even published. All we ask for are people with ambition, imagination and creativity coming out of their eyeballs!

We want a variety of creative talent featured in our exhibitions from illustrators to film artists, from writers to sculptors. For the first time we want to give writers a place to congregate with visual artists and present their written work for public view.
Murmurs will have a reading corner for writers to bring copies of their manuscripts.

See I told you.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hannah Kimani Group Art Show: World Peace Series Documentaries

Collaboration with Serra Tansel, University of the Arts aluminae premiered at the Dead Season Live Art, in Margate, 6th March at the Limbo Arts.
Looking at the annual life cycle of seaside towns, and drawing on the rich traditions, myths and rituals of life, death and rebirth, Limbo Arts aims to breathe new life into winter, based in South East England.
For more details,

Hannah Kimani Group Art Show: TWENTY+SOME

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Hannah Kimani Group Art Show: SPILT MILK SHOW

Hannah Kimani Group Art Show: Central Saint Martins Residency

Trinity Buoy Wharf, London 2009

"Kinetic Vagina"

Central Saint Martins, BA Fine Art (Hons) Student Project, University of the Arts London

Hannah Kimani Group Art Show: PM12 British Council KYOTO SEIKA UNIVERSITY, JAPAN

PM12 Gallery Fleur, Kyoto Seika October 2009 Exhibition

"Passage to the Silent"

Collaborators: Shinji Fujino, Rie Miki and Mika Kaneoka

University of the Arts London and Kyoto Seika University collaboration


photographed by Isabel Beirer, Dazed and Confused

Next Art Exhibition

Hannah Kimani will be partipating at the Rag Factory, East London in a group show of international artists curated by Phoebe Mitchell. The exhibition will run from the 18th February 2010.